Your Laundry is Costing You

Laundry is

Microscopic plastic particles in your laundry’s wastewater is
shortening the life of your septic system.

At Filtrol, we’ve developed water filtration
systems and technology that are stopping
microscopic plastic particles and microfibers
from leaving your home and damaging your
septic system. We’re also stopping other
pollutants and non-biodegradable materials
that damage your septic, cost you money, and pollute the planet.

Hundreds of hours of research
and development, and shelves
upon shelves of prototypes and
experimental filtration ideas have
produced the most effective and
most affordable wastewater
filtration system on the market.

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At Filtrol, we’re getting rid of
the plastic and getting us
back to real water..


The Filtrol is an easy-to-install
and maintain laundry
wastewater filtration system.

Stop plastic. Join us in getting back to real water.