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THE BEST LINT FILTER and MICRO PLASTIC barrier is getting better – New Filtrol Version Prototype

SOLVE DRAINFIELD PROBLEMS EASILY -Standard drainfield septic systems can plug with microfibers.

SAVE YOUR SEPTIC! A lint filter can prolong the life of your septic system. TRAP FIBERS WITH FILTROL

Filtrol Reviews. Filtrol Owners, We Want Your Feedback!

Filtrol Installation | Washing Machine Microfiber Lint Filter

First Video of Filtrol’s New Model Prototype!!

Let’s Get Back to Real Water

How To Remove A Stuck Filtrol Lid

How It Works & Benefits

Discussing Microfibers & Microplastics With Scientist Elizabeth Minor

How To Clean Your Filtrol Filter Bag

Washing Machine Filter | Protect Water | Stop Microfibers

Filtrol Install By Customer

Lint Scat ?! Whats That? | The Things Filtrol Will Catch!

Coraball vs Filtrol 160 | Microfiber Filtration Test