The Commercial Solution

the commercial

The Simple Solution for Making Your
Company Environmentally Awesome

The Problem

With each load of laundry, millions of synthetic micro-particles are flushed into septic systems, city treatment plants, past various filtration media, and into our ecosystem. They pollute our drinking water and food, are found miles under the ocean, and are in the most pristine, seemingly-untouched landscapes around the world.

The solution is working.

Hundreds of hours of research and development – and shelves upon shelves of prototypes and experimental filtration ideas – have produced the most effective and most affordable laundry filtration system on market.


The Filtrol is easy to install on your commercial laundry machines. With simple-to-replace parts, it uses a highly-tested and durable reusable mesh filter to stop microfiber pollution before it ever leaves your facility.

impact is

The Filtrol is simple in its design and effective in its performance. It stops more than 90% of micro plastics and non-biodegradable materials before they make their way into our lakes, streams, and drinking water.


Being eco-friendly
just got easy.