The Microfiber Problem Continues

Microfiber pollution starts in our homes and businesses, when microscopic pollutants are flushed into wastewater reservoirs during the laundry process. While the damage already done to our water sources must be addressed, microfiber pollution will only ultimately be controlled when these tiny polyester fibers are stopped from ever entering our ecosystem. 


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Product Roadmap:  Filtrol Standard  |  Filtrol Advanced


That’s why we’re not slowing down

Unrivaled and affordable, the Filtrol has made a difference around the globe. But our work is just beginning. We are keeping our standards of innovation and efficiency in place while our engineers continue to expand the power of the Filtrol.  

Our Goal

To see more homes and business’s doing their part to stop microfiber pollution by taking proactive measures to reduce the impacts of microfiber pollution like installing a filter, using and in the washer solution such as the guppy friend, or just being thoughtful about their clothing choices. 

Our Plan

To continue to expand the Filtrol’s performance and practical uses, to develop even more effective, more efficient products that will stop microfiber pollution

Product Roadmap

The 160 is the original Filtrol and it’s not going anywhere. But we’re continuing to innovate and develop more efficient and effective versions of the Filtrol. The Filtrol Standard is already in development and showing great preliminary results. And we’re working on the next generation elements that will define the Filtrol Advanced. Click below to stay updated on future version progress and express interest in being a Filtrol beta tester.


Product Roadmap:  Filtrol Standard  |  Filtrol Advanced 

Stay Updated   Become a Beta Tester



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