Industrial Solution for Microscopic Pollution

The Industrial Solution for Microscopic Pollution

Plastic Pollution Filtration for Commercial
Wastewater Treatment

With each load of laundry, millions
of these microparticles are flushed
into septic systems, city treatment
plants, past various filtration media,
and into our ecosystem. Filtrol
eliminates more than 90% of micro
plastics and non-biodegradable
materials from your facility’s
laundry wastewater.

The Plastic Problem

Plastic has been found nearly 7 miles under the ocean. It’s been found in serene landscapes and idyllic mountain streams. It’s being found in wildlife, in our food sources, and in our drinking water. It’s microscopic and yet it’s massive. And if we’re going to solve this problem, our commercial laundry standards need to help.

The Industrial Solution

Hundreds of hours of research and development – and shelves upon shelves of prototypes and experimental filtration ideas – have produced the most effective and most affordable laundry filtration system on market. Stop the Plastic with Filtrol.

Give your company the tools to protect itself and the environment.

Being Eco-Friendly Just Got Easy