Get Back to Real Water

Get back to real water.

Millions of microscopic plastic particles are released from
homes and businesses every day.

A truckload of them enter our oceans
every minute. We’re consuming a credit
card amount of them every week. Plastic
is in our lakes and rivers, in the wildlife,
in our food and water. It’s everywhere.

And it stops with Filtrol.

Filtrol stops plastic … before it becomes pollution.

A global effort is gaining momentum to stop plastic in its tracks.

From changing manufacturing standards to
introducing legislation to control the
production and use of single-use plastics, our
world is waking up to the devastation that
plastic is having.

At Filtrol, we’re joining in on that
conversation. We’re following influencers like
the World Economic Forum. We’re celebrating
plastic-conscious companies like Patagonia.
And we’re doing our own part as well.

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At Filtrol, we’re getting rid of
the plastic and getting us
back to real water..


The Filtrol is an easy-to-install
and maintain laundry
wastewater filtration system.

Stop plastic. Join us in getting back to real water.