Use This – Not That: Alternatives To Plastic

Whether walking along the street or the beach, you’re bound to run into some shape or form of plastic. It’s a world wide problem. Plastic is everywhere we look…and there’s a reason for that. It’s convenient, durable and easy to dispose of. But as much as we might want to believe it, plastic cannot be an “Out-of-Site, Out-of-Mind” issue. Every piece of plastic ever made is still out there somewhere, and that’s not good for the environment and wildlife.

We have all seen pictures of birds and sea life tangled in plastic rings, bellies full of small pieces of plastic and straws lodged somewhere they can’t remove themselves. It’s the horrific reality these animals face daily, so why not do our part to prevent this from happening.

There’s a way to end the trend of plastic use by using their alternatives. While there may not be an alternative for everything, it’s not hard to start making some simple, eco-conscious decisions when it comes to our daily habits. 

Check out the Use THIS Not THAT graph below for some alternative ideas:

Rules we should all try to live by is choose reusable over single use and recycle, recycle, recycle! Like mentioned before, every piece of plastic ever made still exists, it takes an estimated 450 years for a single piece of plastic to decompose. Compare that to paper products, which decompose in 2-6 weeks.

So let’s end the trend of single-use plastics, and we can all do our part to take care of the environment.