​Turning Plastic Into Purpose

​Turning Plastic Into Purpose

Filtrol is making plastic pollution everyone’s problem with a simple solution.

Most often, an issue doesn’t become significant to someone until they are personally impacted by it. As a Minnesota-based company, we’ve grown up loving the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, hiking, water sports. From frigid winter sledding to hot summer days on the lakes, we love the outdoors. The more we see the massive impact that plastic pollution is having on our world - and especially the impact of microfiber pollution - the more committed we are to our cause.

The problem isn’t as small as you think. 

Our dependence on plastic seems to grow every day. In fact, there is a certain level of blindness that people tend to succumb to in the area of plastic consumption. It’s not that people are intentionally destructive or dismissive. It’s that familiarity and routine have made us not even notice the everyday decisions we could be making to lessen the impact of plastic on our ecosystem. Single-use plastics. Grocery bags. Water bottles. Cheap clothing. The list is growing every day of items we use that we don’t need to use, of habits we have that we don’t need to have.

The solution is simpler than you think.

At Filtrol, we realize that plastic isn’t going away any time soon. We also realize (and even appreciate!) the conveniences that plastics have brought to our lives. With that convenience, however, we also recognize a responsibility. And while we can’t solve all the world’s plastic problems (at least not yet), we can solve one.

The thousands of microfibers and synthetic materials flushed from your home with every load of laundry can be almost completely eliminated with the simple installation and maintenance of the Filtrol at your home’s laundry station.

The installation is simple, but the impact is profound.

Filtrol is solving the problem of microfiber pollution by stopping it in its tracks. We can't stop people from buying and using single-use plastics. We can't turn back the clock and reverse the innovations that have brought on these pollutants. But we can keep microplastics from ever leaving your home. To learn more and to shop for a Filtrol for your laundry setup, click here

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