Top 5 Laundry Tips To Help Prevent Microfiber Pollution

Your washing machine is producing an alarming amount of microfibers with every load of laundry. While some fabrics and materials tend to shed more than others and older fabrics tend to shed more than newer ones, in the end, everything sheds. If it’s fabric, it’s going to break down over time. 

Tip 1: Wash your clothes less: Refrain from washing certain articles of clothing unless they are truly dirty. The more you wash an article of clothing, the more it sheds. Washing your clothes ages them. Older garments tend to shed much more than new ones. So consider washing your clothes less and spot cleaning as necessary.

Tip 2: Buy clothing made from natural fibers: Natural fibers like cotton, wool, hemp and silk are all biodegradable, meaning in time they will biodegrade if they are released into the environment. Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, rayon and spandex are plastic non-biodegradable. They will never biodegrade after being released from your washing machine. They are pushed out of your washing machine and into your wastewater. Eventually they end up in our water sources and food. 

Tip 3: Avoid doing small loads: Doing large loads of laundry will reduce the friction between the numerous pieces of clothing. This means less fibers are being released. If possible, wait to do a load of laundry until you have a full load. 

Tip 4: Choose Front Loading vs. Top Loading Washing Machine: Studies have found that front-loading washing machines cause less shedding than top-loading washing machines because front-loading machines use lower levels of water. Also, top-loading machines have a center agitator, which causes more friction which causes more shedding.

Tip 5: Consider a lint filter for your washing machine: Most washing machines do not incorporate a lint filter within the machine. For those that do, the effectiveness is unknown. If you’re concerned about microfibers being released from your washing machines, a lint trap or filter should be considered. Some research is required to find which would be the best option for your set up. 

You could start by checking out The Filtrol160 , our revolutionary microfiber lint filter for your washing machine. 

                    Follow these 5 simple tips when doing your laundry and you will be on your way to reducing

                                                             microfiber pollution before you know it!