The Filtrol: One of the Solutions for a Very Big Problem

At Filtrol, we’re from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. We grew up fishing and hunting, enjoying the outdoors and doing what we could to protect it and preserve it. Because we care so much about our environment, we are constantly building, innovating, optimizing, and investing in solutions that will help us preserve the outdoors we love so much.

This love for the outdoors is what brought us to become the manufacturer of the Filtrol, which blocks micro plastics from leaving your home and entering the ecosystem. As our journey with micro plastic filtration as unfolded, we developed new products and new strategies to effectively make an impact in our ecosystem. We are preparing to release a sink-mounted version of the Filtrol that is even more effective than our previous versions.

Sharing in our efforts to inform people about the true impact of plastic are groups around the world. Some of them are non-profits who are simply trying to steer the ship toward global change. Some are providing practical solutions to help remedy the problem.

One such organization is the Plastic Pollution Coalition. The PPC is seeking to raise awareness of the worldwide plastic crisis that is impacting our waterways, our wildlife, and our health. They’re doing it with the help of Jeff Bridges (often referred to as “The Dude”), which definitely makes them gain instant credibility in our minds. Their work is educational, legislative, and practical.

Did you know that, based on weight, in 30 years, based on current trends, our oceans will have more plastic than fish in them?! That’s a lot of plastic. By working to eliminate single-use plastics (like that red Solo cup you’re drinking out of) and by seeking to educate people about the true adverse affects of plastic on our ecosystem, the PPC is doing everything it can turn things around.

While the problem may seem enormous, and even too complex to solve, we all have a part to play in the solution. We can all cut down on our single-use plastics. We can stay educated through resources like the Plastic Pollution Coalition. And we can all install simple solutions like the Filtrol to stop micro plastics from leaving our homes and entering our ecosystem.