Synthetic Fibers vs Natural Fibers

The list of fibers in fabrics is endless. No matter how many there may be, they can all be placed in one of two categories: Synthetic or Natural. What makes a fabric one or the other? Does it matter?

Any textile that is man-made is considered to be a synthetic fiber fabric and any textile made from a form of plant or animal is considered a natural fiber fabric.

Some Facts about Synthetic and Natural Fibers: 
The Good, The Bad, and the Plastic

Although these lists are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to comparison, they show you that, like everything, both categories have their positives and negatives. The biggest negative to synthetic, man-made fibers, is that they most often made of non-biodegradable plastics. This means that they will never break down (at least not in our lifetime) and microscopic versions of them will end up in our water sources and eventually in our food. 

Take a Look for Yourself

Look at some of the tags on the clothes in your own closet. You just may be surprised by all the different types of fibers used to compile that fabulous wardrobe.

In reality, 60% of all clothing made today is made with synthetics, so it may be a bit of a task to find something that is completely free of any synthetic fiber. There are a number of clothing companies and brands that are passionate about using only organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. If you are thinking it’s time to go all natural, try researching eco-friendly clothing brands and you will be shocked by how many there really are. Eco Friendly Fashion Brands is just one place you can find a list of brands that are all natural.

Make sure to keep checking your labels and be aware of what you’re wearing.

Image Credit: putri macan