Solutions that Work

Solutions that Work

Commercial Plastic Pollution and the Way Forward

Plastic pollution comes in all shapes and sizes, from plastic garbage bags and straws to pieces of synthetic materials invisible to the naked eye. The Filtrol is designed to remove microscopic plastics from your home’s laundry and trap them before sending them out into the ecosystem. It is the most effective plastic pollution mitigation and control system on the market, with iteration after iteration of the technology advancing its effectiveness and success.

Commercial Laundry and its Impact in the US

According to statistics released by the National Parks Service a commercial laundry machine uses, on average, 34.7K gallons of water a year. If each load of laundry releases 10-12 million microfibers from the machine and into wastewater, even conservative numbers would make a massive impact on our water and food supplies.

If a commercial laundry machine washes 2.5 loads a day (based on those averages and statistics released by the National Parks Service), at 40 gallons of water per load and 10-12 million microfibers released per load, conservative numbers would look like this:

2.5 Loads per Day x 10,000,000 particles per Load = 23,767,123 Microparticles per Day

The average laundromat has 20-30 machines. So those pollution numbers, conservatively speaking, look more like this:

23,767,123 Pollutants per Day x 20 Machines Per Facility = 475,342,466 Pollutants per Day per Laundromat

There are roughly 18,600 laundromats in the United States, which would mean that nationwide, laundromats make this kind of environmental impact: 

8,841,369,863,013.699 Pollutants per Day (Nationwide, from Laundromats)

For the sake of conversation, consider that if laundromats are operating at that same level for 300 days a year, the annual rate of plastic pollution output by laundromats in the United States would put 2,654,410,958,904,110 microscopic synthetic plastic particles into the environment. In case you’re wondering, that first number is 2 Quadrillion. 

That’s an awful lot of impact to our environment from synthetic fibers. And it makes a compelling case for commercial laundry solutions for plastic pollution. 

We recognize that these numbers are anecdotal, as it assumes that every laundromat is operating 20 of its machines everyday at an average use rate. Add to that the variability that comes with various commercial machine scenarios. Industrial washing machines, like those used at clothing manufacturers or large hotels, hospitals, use more water and operate on a varying basis depending on demand, production schedules, and economic and environmental considerations. 

Consider that beyond your neighborhood laundromat, every motel, hotel, and hospitality business, and every textile and fabric clothing company is spilling obscene amounts of plastic into the environment with each one of their machines. As we continue to research the real implications of plastic’s presence in our environment, Filtrol will continue our efforts to get our plastic pollution solution installed in every home and business in the country.