Ralph Lauren – Making the Best of Plastic Pollution

This month, Ralph Lauren debuted a line of polo shirts made entirely of plastic bottles. While they aren’t the first clothing line to release such products, they are among the most well-known. For Ralph Lauren, each “green” polo (which comes in a variety of colors) is made of 12 plastic bottles that would otherwise remain trash for eternity (or at least for the 450-1000 years that it takes for plastic bottles to decompose).

At Ralph Lauren, they acknowledge that they are simply making the best of a bad situation. These plastic bottles have already been manufactured and have then been discarded. Manufacturing these shirts is simply repurposing the plastic that is already staying in our ecosystem. This isn’t solving the problem of plastic pollution…it’s redefining it. 

As this article states, “the broader question of biodegradability of such fibers remains unresolved. For Polo Earth, the story is about recycling and reusing, David Lauren, the company’s chief innovation officer, said. ‘Right now, we’re trying to make sure that what we produce is as good for the environment as possible, or at least helps clean up another problem. Are we creating a new problem? I think we’re creating solutions, or at least trying to find solutions.’”

You can read the full article here.

At Filtrol, we appreciate the tactics taken by companies like Ralph Lauren, making the best of the big plastic problem that’s plaguing us. We also understand, however, that these fabrics that they’re manufacturing are pushing out millions of micro plastics into our ecosystem. Those plastics enter our water sources, our foods, and eventually our bodies. 

The plastic pollution problem isn’t going away any time soon. But there’s certainly more we can all be doing. To find out more what you can do to stop plastic pollution, click here