Plastic Pollution is Everywhere

A Look at the Impact of Microplastics on Our Health and Our Ecosystem

The World Health Organization recently conducted an exhaustive study to research the health impacts of microplastics in drinking water for humans. The results are in, and the effects are…inconclusive. It’s too early to tell what exactly the impact of plastic is on our bodies. 

But consider this: In a collection of 50 studies where scientists were able to find microplastics in fresh water, drinking water, or waste water, some counted thousands of microplastics in every liter of drinking water.

While the long-term effects of plastic on our health has yet to be determined, the impacts on our planet can already be measured. Countless numbers of these particles are found in our planet’s ecosystem, and trillions of them are found in our water supplies. And since plastic never actually goes away, but simply breaks down into smaller and smaller (and more and more difficult to detect) particles, the problem isn’t going away.

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Did You Know…

The average family’s laundry produces enough plastic annually to produce 100 water bottles. 100 water bottles-worth of plastic is washing out of the synthetic fibers of your wardrobe!