Plastic Pollution, Drinking Water, and Our Job to Clean Up the Environment

Is plastic pollution in our drinking water killing us?

In August of 2019, the World Health Organization announced that they could not find any measurable connection between plastic-polluted drinking water and health issues in humans. This absence of evidence is not necessarily the evidence of absence. Just because connections haven’t been made between plastic pollution and health problems, that doesn’t mean there’s no effects that will be discovered.

Plastic, after all, is a relatively new invention. It’s just a little over 100 years old.

WHO is not suggesting that plastic-contaminated water is healthy. With scientists predicting that plastic can take 1,000 years or longer to decompose in a landfill, the long-term effects of plastic in our ecosystem and in our bodies has yet to truly be determined. We need more time and more research to determine the true implications of its presence.

It’s About More than Our Health

At Filtrol, our efforts to remove plastic from everyday use so that we can remove it from our ecosystem is about more than effects to our drinking water or our health. 

We want to do everything we can to protect our planet. We are committed to creating a system of accountability for manufacturers who are contributing to the massive amounts of synthetic materials in our natural environment. We are working to engineer the most effective filtration and mitigation solutions to address the massive quantities of synthetic fibers pouring into our environment. We’re addressing the problem for its impact on us, on our food and water, on wildlife, and on the environment we love. 

It’s about more than our drinking water. 

While we don’t yet know the true implications of plastic in our food and water, we do know that we all have a responsibility to protect our planet. At Filtrol, this means that we’re moving forward one day at a time, with new technology, new solutions, and new innovations to stop plastic from ever leaving your home.