Microscopic Plastic & Our Journey to Make Changes Happen

At Filtrol, we’ve been in business long enough to see a few different iterations of our product hit the market. We’re constantly tweaking our filtration methods; testing new variants of our product against previous versions. We want to do better. We want to make a bigger impact on plastic pollution and help others do the same. We’re constantly assessing our progress and trying to answer a few fundamental questions: 

How can we be more effective?

We won’t be satisfied with the work we’re doing until the Filtrol is stopping 100% of the plastic in laundry’s wastewater. 

Welcome to the question that keeps us up at night; the dilemma that has led to piles and piles of prototypes. Our quest to develop a more efficient and effective Filtrol that will require less maintenance and deliver higher performance is actually producing impressive results. We’ve started to finalize a variation of the Filtrol now that will me a more lower profile addition to your space and will be a more productive contributor to plastic pollution mitigation. 

How can we be more affordable? 

We won’t be satisfied until we know that the Filtrol is affordable for every home. 

The fight against plastic pollution should not be limited by somebody’s budget. The more that we can make our products available to all people, the more we can start to turn the tides on this massive microscopic problem. 

How can we be in more homes? 

There are lots of ways we can start working to get the Filtrol into more homes. Until a product like ours is required by building codes to be present, it comes down to education and partnerships. By working with contractors and builders, we can get them installed in new homes. By working with energy programs, we can get them installed in existing homes. By partnering with other likeminded companies, we can educate people on the options available to them, helping them realize that we’ll be more effective if we attack plastic from all angles. 

The work we’re doing is going to continue until the job is done. What this means for us is that we have our work cut out for us. But with strategically partnering with people around the country and globe, with more testing and better engineering, and with continued engineering and innovation, we can continue to see progress in our fight against plastic.