Liquid, Powders, and Pods Oh My!

How do you choose which laundry detergent to toss into our shopping cart? Do you choose the one with the the cute stuffed animal snuggling with all amazingly soft and great smelling towels? Do you choose the cheapest option? Is your choice based on what’s popular or what a celebrity endorses? Or maybe it’s what’s best for the environment?

There are just too many variables to really talk through all the options. 

So rather than focusing on brands and reasoning behind choice, let’s look at the 3 different forms of laundry detergents and talk about what’s worth talking about.

What do we need to know about each form? Is there anything beyond the simple question of “Will it clean your clothes?” 


Liquid detergents are said to work great on items soiled with oils, grease and food. It can also be used as a spot cleaner (unlike the other forms) and is pre-dissolved and can be used with any water temperature. Unfortunately, liquid detergents usually have a higher price point than powder detergents and their plastic containers are not eco-friendly.


Powder detergents are usually less expensive compared to liquid and pod detergents. Most powder detergents are packaged in cardboard boxes making it more eco-friendly than others choice of packaging. The downfall with powder detergents is that it can be hard to dissolve in some water conditions, such as hard water. When this happens, clumps of detergent can remain in your load of laundry.


It’s all the rave. They’re convenient, compact and user-friendly. The pre-measured amount of liquid detergent is conveniently wrapped up in a small gel pac. It eliminates measuring and waste and will dissolve in all water conditions. The Downfalls? With detergent pods, you will be paying for the convenience. They have the highest price point between the three choices. Pods have also gained a lot of media attention due to the serious health hazards they cause and are not recommend in households with children. 

So what form will you take, Liquid, Powder or Pod? Whichever you choose, be aware of the hazards and hangups with each one. 

Image Credit: Julie & HeidiPete,