Lint Traps and Code Compliance for Your Washing Machine

When is a lint trap required by code?

The uniform plumbing code (UPC) or international plumbing code (IPC) is enforced in almost every state in the US. This code is commonly used because it creates a consistent set of rules and regulations across state lines. Each state can have slight variations and can choose to be more restrictive, so it’s important to verify code requirements for your state or local jurisdiction.

The lint interceptor requirement is found under UPC 1003.6.It states that a clothing washing machine must discharge into an interceptor to remove particles larger than ½” prior to discharging to a public sewer system. Most states require washing machine lint traps or interceptors for commercial buildings or multi-dwelling properties such as assisted living facilities or apartment complexes. Individual homes or dwellings are not required by code to have a lint trap, though it is highly recommend.

The Filtrol has been used successfully in many commercial properties to meet the UPC 1003.6 code requirements for lint filtration. The Filtrol far surpasses the code requirement of filtering down to ½”. It uses a reusable, easy-to-maintain 100-micron filter media which removes the majority of contaminates from your washing machine discharge.

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