Have A Unique Laundry Room?

Your laundry room is very unique in its own beautiful special way and don’t let anyone else ever tell you different. In all seriousness, most people could say that their laundry room is not identical to most people they know. So when it comes to adding something structurally in the laundry room, you want to make sure it will work with your particular set up,as some may have some obstacles to take into consideration. To help confirm if the Filtrol160 will work in your space we give general requirements needed for the installation. But with laundry set ups coming in all shapes and sizes we had to find a way to show all the different ways and places the Filtrol160 could be installed. 

Thankfully we have awesome customers that were kind enough to share photos of their Filtrol160 installations to further educate future customers on all the installation possibilities.

Whether your washing machine’s wastewater drains into a standpipe, wall box, wash tub or floor drain, as long as you have the space for installation, it can hook up to any of the mentioned plumbing configurations.

Below are just a handful of photos of customers installations: 

Think you may be interested? Quick read over the basic measurements and space requirements and see if the Filtrol160 would be a good fit for your laundry room.

-The Filtrol 160 Lint Filter is approximately 15” tall, from the top fitting to the bottom, 9″ wide and projects about 8″ from the wall You will NOT want to install the Filtrol 160™ under a low hanging cabinet. This could interfere with the removal of the filter for cleaning. You will need to have a minimum of 24 inches to be able to remove the canister from the wall mounted bracket, and still have proper drainage. If possible, the top of the Filtrol-160™ should not exceed 60 inches.

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