Does My Washing Machine Have A Lint Trap?

It’s probably not the hot topic you and your friends were discussing the last time you had a night out. I don’t blame you, who wants to sit around and talk about lint traps at dinner, am I right? As boring and gross as it may seem, it’s something you may look for on your washing machine. 

Some people assume that if their dryer has a lint trap why would your washing machine need one? Others may think, if one washing machine has one, they all do, duh! Well unfortunately that’s not the case.

Most styles of washing machines do not have an interior lint trap, and for the ones that do, won’t even come close to snagging those tiny fibers that can cause environmental issues. I can only assume all of you are in agony not knowing if your washing machine has a lint trap or not. Read on to find out where to look for lint traps on your washing machine.

FIND THIS: The Owners Manual.This will be the easiest and quickest way to find out if your washing machine has a lint trap or not. You should be able to find information regarding the lint trap within the first few pages if not on the first. You could also research your model online or call the manufacture. 

CHECK HERE: That mysterious little door in the corner. On some washing machines models, in the front, there is a small door in the lower right corner. This is where, what they call, a Pump Filter will be located. Open door and unscrew the cap, pull out the cylinder shaped sleeve and empty. On some models may have this option located in the back behind the panel. 

FEEL THERE:Screen in the drum. Certain models have a removable screen filter located in the washing machines drum. To locate simply feel with your fingers along the top of the drum, if your machine has this lint trap you will run into it at this point, remove and clean off lint.

PULL THAT: Under the cap in agitator. Top loading washing machines may have a lint trap with in the agitator. If the cover of the agitator is removable there very well could be a lint trap inside. Pull the cap off and look into the cylinder, if there is a handle, pull out and filter should be attached. The filter can also be connected to the end of the removal cylinder. 

LOOK HERE: Inside the connection or hose.There should be a small metal screen at the fitting where the supply water hose connects.There could also be one at the end of the drain hose. 

So does your washing machine have a lint trap? If yes, awesome! Here’s the important question, How much is that lint trap really catching? Most lint traps on washing machines are meant to catch bigger materials and not so much the little ones. To ensure you are catching as much as possible an additional lint filter is strongly suggested, you may want to look into our Filtrol160 , an exterior lint filter that hooks up to most models of residential size washing machines. Let ours catch the lint theirs doesn’t. 

Happy Filtering Friends!