Comparing Microfiber Filters: The Lint Filter with the Best Results

Thousands of microfibers enter our water systems with every load of laundry we do. To make our way toward a better, healthier environment, we all have a part in decreasing pollution. Purchasing a microfiber filter is a great first step to making a difference. 

Which Filter is Right for me? 

At Filtrol, a lot of research takes place to ensure that you are getting the best product on the market. There are a lot of choices you can make when you’re looking to stop microfibers and protect your septic, drain field, and local water sources. We believe that Filtrol stands above the rest, offering the best value for your dollar. We compared information from three popular microfiber filters on the market to see how they stood up against the Filtrol.

The Results

While taking any step toward reducing microfibers and microplastics in our environment is essential, we take pride in knowing that the Filtrol gives the best value and catch rate on the market so that we can get back to real water.