Commercial Laundry Filtration

Finding An After Market Solution to Meet Compliance Standards

For places with in-house, on-site commercial laundry facilities — places like hospitals, hotels, food service companies, and hair salons — a lint interceptor may be a requirement in order to maintain compliance. However, with the many brands and styles of commercial washing machines available on the market, and with the variation in washing methods, purposes, and frequencies, there are no one-size fits-all lint interceptors coming standard from the manufacturers. This means that it’s up to business owners and facility managers to find the filtration solution that will work for their laundry.

Do Your Homework 

When choosing a filtration system for your laundry facility, it’s important to do your research. You must know the volume and frequency of washing. You must know the types of material you’ll be putting into your machine and how prone that material is to shedding.

Lint interceptors can be installed in or below floor level or above ground, if your plumbing allows. When installing, place the lint trap in an accessible location for ongoing maintenance will be very important as well.

Check with your local inspector or plumber to make sure that the lint interceptor you choose to install meets the plumbing code requirements, as each jurisdiction has different requirements.