Aftermarket Washing Machine Filters

A Simple Solution to Microfiber Pollution

Washing machine filters are not currently required by washing machine manufacturers, which is why few brands offer them. The washing machines sold on the market that do have filters pre-installed are doing very little to catch lint or microfibers before they enter our ecosystem. Instead, these filters are in place to protect the washing machine discharge pump from sucking up large items like strings and buttons. The lint and microfibers within the washer’s waste water is discharged from the machine and enters our lakes, rivers, streams, wildlife, and food.

This process accounts for much of the microfiber pollution in our ecosystem.

Filtrol has been manufacturing an inline, after-market lint filter for over 15 years. This aftermarket washing machine filter installs in less than 15 minutes on your washing machine discharge hose. A wall mounting bracket secures the filter in place on a nearby wall and gravity does the rest. The 100 micron filter bag inside the Filtrol canister has been proven to remove up to 89% of microfibers released by your washing machine.

These filters are known to reduce drain line plugging from lint, prevent clogging your septic system, and reduce your impact on the environment by drastically reducing the amount of microfibers that are released into waterways.

The Filtrol is a simple step forward in solving the issues caused by microfiber. For more information and to learn more, check out the Filtrol overview video