6 Ways to Reduce Microfiber Pollution Today

Plastic fibers are in almost every type of textile and clothing produced. According to many studies, about 60% of our clothing is made from synthetic materials. All of our clothing sheds fibers. You can see evidence of this when you reach into your pockets or clean your dryer vent.

These tiny fibers, most of which are smaller than a human hair, are making their way into our waterways. If they’re in our streams, lakes, and oceans, they eventually end up on our dinner plate or in our drinking water. Microfiber pollution is a huge environmental issue, one that can’t be ignored. So, knowing that, there are some things you can do today to reduce the impact of plastic microfiber pollution.

How to Reduce Microfiber Pollution

  1. Wash synthetic cloths less frequently.
  2. Wash full loads which results in less friction between the fabrics.
  3. Use non-toxic liquid soaps. Powders are more abrasive. Here is our favorite liquid detergent.
  4. Use a front-load or high efficiency setting when you wash. Studies have shown front-load washers reduce microfiber shedding.
  5. Buy and wear clothing with natural fibers such as cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo, linen, silk, etc..
  6. And of course you can install a Filtrol 160 or use an in-the-washer solution such as the Guppy Friend

Here is a link to an infographic that shows the microfiber pollution issue full circle.