The Filtrol Solution

Microfiber pollution isn’t going away… unless we make it go away

It’s a shared problem

Microfiber pollution finds its way into our waterways, streams, creeks, lakes, and oceans primarily through laundry drainage. These microscopic particles come from recycled materials (like plastic bottles) and many of the materials and textiles they are used to make (like fleece and nylon). They are not filtered out by traditional water treatment processes because they are too small. So they find their way through municipal water filtration and then act as sponges when they enter our ecosystem, absorbing oil, chemicals, pesticides, industrial wastes, and other toxins.



Innovative engineering to solve the microfiber pollution problem

For over 15 years, the FIltrol has been addressing the microfiber pollution problem in thousands of homes, businesses, and residential properties.


How Does it Work?

The Filtrol stops microfiber pollution, removing non-biodegradable fibers (like microfibers, microplastics, polyester, nylon, sand, hair, and pet fur) from your washer’s discharge before they make their way into our lakes, streams, and drinking water.

It’s unrivaled in its effectiveness. It’s easy to install and easy to clean. 


Filtrol protects our water and protects you.


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Our Passion

We love the water. We love the outdoors. We care about future generations and their ability to enjoy the outdoors. We care about leaving the world better than we find it. That’s why we want to do everything we can to make microfiber pollution go away. 

Our Purpose

We exist to educate and to equip. Educate about the (often unknown) facts. Equip with effective, efficient tools to solve the problem.

Our Plan

To build on what we have with more technology, more expertise, and more pollution-ending innovations. 

The Filtrol 

The Solution to Microfiber…Before it’s Called Pollution

The Filtrol stops micro particles from ever going into your laundry’s drainage. It stops them before entering septic and sewage systems, water treatment plants, and our ecosystem.


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Simply Clean Water

Solving wastewater problems with efficiency and innovation, Filtrol products are the best way to address microfiber pollution. They keep our water sources, our fields, and our food free of the pollutants.


Microfiber Pollution Matters

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