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The Microfiber Problem

The Unintended Consequence of Being Clean

Microfibers Flow From Washer to Rivers, Lakes & The Ocean 

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Plastic microfibers are synthetic fibers that are in many of the clothes we wear like polyester and nylon.

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Over 1 million tons are released from our washing machines every year.

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Microfibers are the largest form of plastic pollution today, making up 85% of the world’s man-made shoreline debris.

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Microfibers are ingested by fish and sea animals and passed to humans in food and water.

The Filtrol Solution

Bringing Us Back to Real Water

The Filtrol Stops Microfibers at Your Washer

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The Filtrol is an affordable, easy to install filter. It stops microfibers as they leave your washing machine and makes it easy to put them into the trash. You can start saving the planet with every wash!

Microfibers + Water

Stories of Contamination

The Microfiber Problem and How We’re Working to Solve It

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Microfiber Pollution Matters

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